360 TRANSLATIONS is dedicated to the notion that customers and Deaf clients alike should receive interpret­ing services with 100% confidence in the interpretation. The philosophy at 360 TRANSLATIONS is that meeting your interpreting needs is the least you should expect from an interpreting agency.


Dr. Daniel B. Swartz, CI, CT, SC:L, began providing interpreting services in 1985. In 1993 he founded Professional Interpreter Exchange, Inc., in Laurel, Maryland, growing it into one of the country’s leading providers of interpreting services. In 1999, Dr. Swartz sold Professional Interpreter Exchange to private investors. Daniel (Dan) returned to private practice interpreting, focusing on courtroom interpreting – he earned the specialist certification in legal interpreting in 2007.

360 TRANSLATIONS is new in name only – there is a lot of experience behind the name. That’s why we say 360 TRANSLATIONS provides “Experience and Expertise in Sign Language Interpreting!”


For the consumer, 360 TRANSLATIONS offers professional and hassle-free interpreting referral service. 360 TRANSLATIONS makes acquiring an interpreter a pleasant process – we ask the right questions and place an interpreter that can best accommodate your needs, and those of your clientele. For the Deaf client, 360 TRANSLATIONS offers professional, ethically-minded yet friendly interpreters who act as a voice for the Deaf as well as for the hearing.

Our features include:

  • Philadelphia & South Jersey’s only interpreter referral service owned and managed by a nationally certified sign language interpreter.
  • RID-certified and screened interpreters ensure top quality and accuracy.
  • Effective client-interpreter match.
  • Complete, cordial customer service.
  • Expert interpreting, including but not limited to: legal, medical, mental health, social services and educational interpreting.
  • We also offer: ADA consulting & training; interpreter sensitivity training and advocacy; professional job coaching.
  • The Executive Director, Dr. Daniel Swartz holds the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s SC:L certification.

The service that is provided by 360 TRANSLATIONS is guided and tempered by the experience that can only be found with qualified, professional people. The level of understanding of your needs is unmatched in today’s market as the Executive Director, Dr. Daniel Swartz, brings over 22 years of interpreting experience to meet your every need. As a result, 360 TRANSLATIONS provides the insight, the competency, and the tools to get to the heart of your needs and deliver them to your complete satisfaction.

We think that your consideration for 360 TRANSLATIONS as your source for qualified interpreters, and deafness–related services, will be a satisfying start of a rewarding business relationship. We look forward to serving you.