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Deaf Citizens and Police Interaction – 360 Offers Police Training

At 360 Translations we are deeply troubled by the Death of Daniel Harris, killed by a North Carolina police officer. The shooting may have been prevented had the officer’s department provided much needed, basic training in protocol for interacting with deaf citizens.  We are not passing judgment on innocence or guilt. Working in law enforcement […]

VRI Is Not a Suitable Substitute for a Live Interpreter

If you are Deaf you have seen it. If you are are hearing, you may have heard of it. If you are cutting costs at a medical facility, you are probably trying to use it. What is it? VRI, or Video Remote Interpreter.  Coin counters and budget managers worship it. Deaf and hard-of-hearing folks cringe […]

360 Translations is Expanding!!!

We are happy to report that 360 Translations is expanding their ASL interpreting services into the five counties that comprise the Philadelphia metro area.  This expansion is being led by our new Client Services Specialist, Kimmi Kraus.  Kimmi is leading the way with are larger cadre of interpreters and a push for better quality, and […]

Interpreter Anecdotes

If you have command over two different languages, or you have had thorough training in a sign language, it does not necessarily make you a good interpreter. The traditional perception of the interpreter’s role as an unbiased medium of language is at odds when you look at some of the real life incidents. Role of […]

Higher Education for Deaf People

Thousands of students with a hearing disability enroll in higher education programs in the US and other countries. But only a few complete their baccalaureate degree programs. The challenges of learning through support services and academic training are two critical reasons; however there are other factors for why deaf students give up their higher education, […]

Deaf and Proud Movement

Growing up is in itself a very challenging phase of life for children with no added feeling of being different. As children do, hearing-impaired or hard-of-hearing children can suppress shame as a consequence of being members of a minority… The good news is that children that are or were born in the USA today benefit […]

Noise-induced Hearing Loss is Unlike Natural Hereditary Deafness

Noise-induced Hearing Loss or NIHL is unlike deafness by heredity or childhood meningitis in many ways. People who are deaf from childood have a greater sense of community belonging than those who ‘suffer’ from NIHL. Put clearly, the former category considers deafness as a natural condition, while for the latter category it is indeed an […]

The Stark Statistics of Hearing Loss in the USA

Statistics reveal the numerical perception of the silent world intertwined with the hearing world. First, find a bit of trivia for the big picture. Public health data enlists hearing loss as the third commonest physical condition in the US, after arthritis and coronary diseases respectively. The loss range of 35 to 70 dB is in […]