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Usage of Idioms in Sign Language for Strong Statements

One of the key issues in the world of the hearing impaired is the lack of a universal sign language. In fact, every country has different variations of sign language interpretations. For example, American Sign Language mainly uses gestures of a single hand whereas the British language has both hands in use. Recognizing the rights […]

Evolution and the Types of Hearing Aids with Pros and Cons

Modern hearing aids are almost invisible lightweight accessories with advanced adaptive digital features. The aids can digitally adapt with sound depending on the source (telephones, speeches) and reduce ambient noise to deliver optimum auditory clarity. These vital accessories for the deaf have been through a very interesting evolution over the course of centuries. Milestones of […]

Video Relay Service

Technological progress has touched almost each and every realm of life. Such products have been developed which allows speech impaired, deaf and hard of hearing individuals to easily communicate over video phone in real time with the help of sign language interpreters. Participants in VRS communication VRS is the most innovative form of communication being […]

Special Care in Helping Deaf Children with Vocabulary

Deaf children need to try extra hard to learn. Simultaneous development of reading skills and sign language interpretation requires extra effort from both teacher and students. The bilingual development is challenging because the deaf need to deal with restricted access to spoken vocabulary due to their natural impairment. Challenges of the hearing impaired They have […]

Sign Language Neurology in Comparison to a Hearing Perspective

Signing is also a proper ‘language’ in terms of the neural networks at work. Brains of signers interpret their languages in much the same way as the brain of a ‘speaker’ does. Nevertheless, there are several major distinct aspects separating the two mediums of communication. Advanced brain scans by functional MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) reveal […]

Myths about Deafness

The most troublesome thing about deafness is the misconceptions many people have about it. Many are born with hearing disability, whereas some lose their ability to hear over a period of time. Some of the hearing disabilities do not completely deafen the patient. In such cases, affected people find it hard to hear things as […]

Legal Recognition of Sign Languages

The most interesting fact about sign languages is that they are practiced and processed mostly in the left hemisphere of the human mind; hence they are as natural as spoken languages. However, there is no such universal sign language for all deaf people around the world. Deaf communities from different parts of the world have […]

FAQs on Sign Language Interpretation

The world of silent perception in sign language is a rich subculture with many different segments and niches. Sign languages are the only ways of communication for the hearing and speech impaired. The signers utilize gestures of the hand, lip reading techniques, visual commands, and facial expressions to ‘speak’. Speak they do, and with so […]