360 Translations interpreters provide communication access to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, empowering them to meet their educational and career goals. For many Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, the presence or absence of an interpreter in the classroom can spell the difference between success and failure in college.

360 Translations’ interpreters are highly skilled in conveying the instructors’ presentation of course material and in facilitating communication between the Deaf student and his/her classmates. Our interpreters and are also utilized for conferences between Deaf students and hearing instructors and to facilitate communication when students seek services on campus.

360 Translations provides interpreters in all types of higher learning:

  • Two- and Four-year colleges and universities
  • Graduate schools, including masters, doctoral, medical, and law school programs.
  • Technical schools
  • Job training programs

Please call 360 Translations at 856-356-2922, or email us at info@360translations.com, so