360 Translations interpreters can be found throughout the region, interpreting in pre-school, elementary, middle and high school. Our interpreters are highly skilled in educational interpreting at all levels, matching the student’s age, cognitive development, and language register.

Teachers and interpreters work hand-in-hand in the educational progress of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing student. We at 360 Translations take this responsibility very seriously, and we pride ourselves in providing only the best interpreters available.

In helping school districts to meet the mandate of providing educational interpreters for their students, 360 Translations will work with you in providing bulk discounts when we are contracted for long-term interpreter provision.

As educators know, parents form an integral part of the education process of all students, and Deaf or Hard of Hearing students, and their parents, are no exception. This includes situations in which the parents of hearing students have Deaf or Hard of Hearing parents.

With that in mind, 360 Translations assists schools and parents with interpreter provision for these interactions, which might include: Back to School Nights, Parent-Teacher conferences, IEP meetings, PTA meetings, and extra-curricular activites.

Please call 360 Translations at 856-356-2922, or email us at info@360translations.com, so that we can help you in meeting all K-12 interpreting needs.