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360 Translations is the ONLY sign language interpreter agency in South Jersey with 24/7 emergency interpreting services available to you.

If you require an Emergency Sign Language Interpreter, call us immediately at 856-356-2922.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Imagine, if you will, going to a doctor’s appointment, or a situation as serious as having your child rushed to the ER of a local hospital after a horrific auto accident, and you are Deaf. No one in the ER understands you, as you use American Sign Language (ASL), and the medical facility is unwilling to provide an interpreter so you can have 100% access to communication.

The doctors are making critical decision concerning your child’s care, and they are trying, with much exasperation, to get your child’s medical background and other pertinent information so they can appropriately administer care to your child, who is now in critical condition.

Because the facility won’t provide you an interpreter, you must resort to writing notes back-and-forth in English, which is not your native language, and the process is extremely time-consuming. Time is of the essence. Pretty chilling, isn’t it?
Until very recently, this situation played out in many hospitals throughout the U.S. and even in our local area. That is the reason a Emergency sign language interpreter is so vital.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing people have taken action, and continue to do so, holding medical institutions accountable, demanding full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), which guarantees equal access to communication at public institutions. Unfortunately, the above scenario still occurs in medical settings, but thankfully more and more institutions are coming into full compliance with the ADA. The provision of interpreters is not a luxury, but a requirement, and 360 Translations is here to help all medical facilities in meeting this need.

Emergency services are utilizes for the following scenarios

  • Emergency Room / Trauma
  • Psychiatric Crisis, both voluntary and involuntary admissions/assessments
  • Law Enforcement arrests and interrogations
    Judicial arraignments and emergent matters (Restraining Orders, Protections from Abuse, etc.)
  • DYFS and CYF interventions
  • Last-minute substation for contract interpreters at educational institutions

Please call 360 Translations at 856-356-2922, 24/7, 365 days a year. All emergency calls are dispatched to our interpreting office and handled promptly for the immediate dispatch of an interpreter for your location.