360 Translations provides interpreters to jails and prisons throughout the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area. One may not think that, once a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person is incarcerated, that there is any need for interpreting services. Quite the contrary is true, as inmates require interpreting services in a number of settings.


  • Therapy sessions
  • Medical appointments
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Training programs
  • Lawyer/Public Defender conferences

Incarceration is intended as punishment, but that punishment is magnified for Deaf and Hard of Hearing inmates as they are deprived of communication with others who use sign language. This is compounded in our era of budget cuts where interpreting services are curtailed for inmates in the name of cost savings, and this is unfortunate.

360 Translations stands ready to provide you with the highest quality service as you schedule a legal interpreter with us. Call us at 856-356-2922, or email staff@360translations.com so we can assist you in meeting this critical need.