360 Translations to Sponsor New Jersey Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy

NJSHCA-Logo1-158x300360 Translations announced on Friday, March 16, 2012, that it will be a Distinguished Sponsor for the  upcoming conference of New Jersey Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy (NJSHCA). The 6th annual conference will take place on Friday, June 8, 2012 at the Maris Stella Retreat and Conference Center in Harvey Cedars, New Jersey.

The mission of NJSHCA is “to be the forerunner for the advancement of consumer advocacy, by enriching the healthcare professionals who represent and advocate for New Jersey’s patients and healthcare consumers.” 360 Translations strongly supports this mission, as it directly affects the quality of healthcare and auxilary services that Deaf and Hard of Hearing New Jersians receive in our area’s hospitals.

Rodney McCracken, deaf staff interpreter, and Dr. Daniel Swartz, Executive Director, 360 Translations, will be providing a short presentation to the members in attendance on the importance of providing full communicationa access to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients who frequent their hospitals.

For more information on how 360 Translations provides top-quality interpreter to the hospital of New Jersey and the Phildadelphia region, visit our website. 360 Translations maintains 24/7/365 emergency coverage for a number of hospitals in our region, and is proud of its response rate that averages 35 minutes (from time of request until the time the interpreter is at the hospital)- remarkable!! The ease of retaining an interpreter through 360 translations, and our rapid response rate, are critical factors, especially when the life of a Deaf or Hard of Hearing patient are at stake.

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