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Dr. Daniel B. Swartz, CI, CT, SC:L, began providing interpreting services in 1985. In 1993 he founded Professional Interpreter Exchange, Inc., in Laurel, Maryland, growing it into one of the country’s leading providers of interpreting services. In 1999, Dr. Swartz sold Professional Interpreter Exchange to private investors. Daniel (Dan) returned to private practice interpreting, focusing on courtroom interpreting – he earned the specialist certification in legal interpreting in 2007.

360 TRANSLATIONS is new in name only – there is a lot of experience behind the name. That’s why we say 360 TRANSLATIONS provides “Experience and Expertise in Sign Language Interpreting!”

Why Everyone Should Have A Way To Communicate

Message From Our Founder

Welcome to 360 Translations, or as we all refer to it, 360! Our name is indicative of our philosophy, that communication is more than a back-and-forth, two-way exchange of information. We believe there are multiple factors and influences in any communication, and it is incumbent the interpreter has the ability to navigate this global model. Interpreting is more than a mechanical rendition of language from the source to the target language. It is an “art”. No machine or app can replace what an interpreter does, especially when it comes to ASL (American Sign Language), which is a visually multifaceted language that has all the emotions and complexities of any spoken language.

I have always believed that life is a canvas full with possibility, and my actions must add value to the growth of humanity. In keeping with this philosophy, 360 is a trendsetter created to serve those that understand communication is the bridge that unites. Long ago, while attending Gallaudet University (the only Liberal Arts University for the Deaf in the world), I saw the important role the interpreter had in interpersonal communication. A “bad” interpretation could lead to misunderstandings, frustration, and have a snowball effect in deteriorating and destroying personal and business relationships.

Nothing seems far away anymore, and we demand immediate and accurate data on-the-fly. The public role of the interpreter has come under increased scrutiny (e.g. the “interpreter” at Mandela’s funeral) as we have become a more global society. When critical life and death decisions rest on responsible and accurate interpretation, nothing but the best is acceptable. Here at 360, we understand the critical role the interpreter has, especially when it comes to your communication.

“Mastering the skill of interpretation takes years of language dedication and continued study. Being bilingual is only the first step. You need to work on your craft every day, studying the intricacies of language.” — Unknown

Interpreting should never be left in the hands of para-professionals. Interpreting is serious business, and 360 will always send the most qualified interpreter to every engagement, be it a hospital emergency room, a job interview, or a murder trial. Our interpreters are fully screened and assessed before they come to you. We guarantee our product because you, your employees, clients, and stakeholders have a personal stake in what we do.


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