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Online Resources for Empowerment of Deaf Community

Members of the deaf community have always enjoyed the internet and computers. With many visual aids and advancements, the Internet is changing the lives of those who are deaf. With the help of the Internet, various deaf culture websites have been developed which...
Usage of Idioms in Sign Language for Strong Statements

Usage of Idioms in Sign Language for Strong Statements

One of the key issues in the deaf and hard of hearing community  is the lack of a universal sign language. In fact, every country has different variations of sign language interpretations. For example, American Sign Language mainly uses gestures of a single hand...

Special Care in Helping Deaf Children with Vocabulary

Deaf children need to try extra hard to learn. Simultaneous development of reading skills and sign language interpretation requires extra effort from both teacher and students. The bilingual development is challenging because the deaf need to deal with restricted...

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