Deaf People and Entrepreneurship

Money is something that everyone wishes they had more of, but is it easy to get more money? Well, certainly not. After the Great Depression, people realized the importance of saving money. It was noticed that during the financial crisis of the Great Depression, only a few business owners of the time could survive the financial burden. Gender-based communities, ethnic communities, and so on bonded together and established their businesses. Like other communities, the deaf community also began their journey in the business world. Today, there are many social institutions that are helping the deaf and those who are hard of hearing take a step into the world of entrepreneurship and have their own individual businesses.

National Deaf Business Institute

The National Deaf Business Institute or NDBI has played a major role in the launch of deaf entrepreneurs into the business world. Their main mission is to advance entrepreneurship by the deaf through:

  1. Research
  2. Education
  3. Outreach

Through this program NDBI aims to help the deaf community by increasing the number of deaf professionals and deaf-owned businesses.

To help the deaf community establish their businesses, NDBI provides the necessary skill training to help those who are deaf start, manage, and grow the business. They also aim to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the hearing society by providing deaf people with the necessary tools and aides to succeed. They help people of all age groups such as:

  • Youth
  • College-goers
  • Professionals

They bring to the table a high entrepreneurial spirit for the deaf community and through their program they help to instill communication skills, confidence and independence in those who are already having success in their professions.

Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University has also helped in promoting deaf entrepreneurship. They offer courses for the deaf in:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business building
  • Business management

Entrepreneur classes help in guiding students to take the proper steps required for a successful business plan, while business management provides knowledge on how to manage a business. Similarly, a business-building course helps students understand the steps required to start a business and ways to run it effectively and efficiently. Gallaudet University has also formed Merrill Lynch Entrepreneur Leadership in association with the National Deaf Business Institute. The program aims to inspire a new generation of deaf entrepreneurs.

Final Words

Today, deaf entrepreneurs have many options and resources to start their business in a friendly environment. There are many business trading expos, educational institutes and conventions to help the deaf community who share the same goal—to increase the deaf community’s purchasing power and increase deaf business ownership.

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