News from our Intern: Christine Mizrahi, a future legal interpreter

Christine-132x300Hello my name is Christine Mizrahi and I am a senior at Bloomsburg University, studying dual degrees in American Sign Language Interpreting and Criminal Justice.  As an interpreting student, I have taken many classes that have taught me about the interpreting field through an interpreter’s prospective. While interning with 360 Translations, I have been given the opportunity to see what goes on “Behind the Scenes”. I learned so much about the agency and now have a better understanding of how everything falls perfectly into place.  I have had the pleasure to meet many talented interpreters and work alongside a wonderful staff. I love Criminal Justice and want to become a Legal Interpreter in Central New Jersey and New York area.  I hope to educate people about the Americans with Disabilities Act, and advocate against discrimination. I really enjoyed my second summer here, and am excited that this is what I am going to be doing upon graduation!

360 Translations is proud of its tradition of hiring summer interns. This provides interpreting students with invaluable experience in the field, and better prepares them to work as professional interpreters upon graduation. 360 Translations is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are also a Veteran-owned (Vietnam Era) employer.

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