News from our Intern: Kacy Wilber, a future trilingual interpreter, and future 360 Interpreter!

Kacy-108x300Hello! My name is Kacy Wilber, I am a student in the ASL/ English Interpreting program at Bloomsburg University. I plan to do my practicum as well as reside in the South Jersey/ Philadelphia area upon (expected) graduation this coming spring. I have a minor in Spanish and one day wish to become a trilingual interpreter. I hope to educate the nation and spread awareness of Deaf and Spanish cultures. Along the way, I wish to influence others to think freely and to not only accept the “norm”. This summer, I was lucky enough to have joined the 360 family. When I saw how structured and organized the agency went about executing tasks, I made sure to jump on this opportunity. I knew my motivated work ethic would match those of my fellow staff members, and my assumption was accurate. I look forward to becoming an interpreter for 360 in August of 2014!

360 Translations is proud of its tradition of hiring summer interns. This provides interpreting students with invaluable experience in the field, and better prepares them to work as professional interpreters upon graduation. 360 Translations is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are also a Veteran-owned (Vietnam Era) employer.

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