Online Resources for Empowerment of Deaf Community

Members of the deaf community have always enjoyed the internet and computers. With many visual aids and advancements, the Internet is changing the lives of those who are deaf. With the help of the Internet, various deaf culture websites have been developed which provide a great deal of resources for the deaf.

Communication with other deaf individuals as well as hearing people and educational possibilities has been astounding for the deaf community. Many deaf people are naturally inclined toward finding other deaf individuals whom they can be open about their thoughts and interact with ease. The internet has also been beneficial in providing the deaf with important resources for their daily needs as well as specific requirements.

Some of these important resources which are available to assist the deaf community are listed below.

  1. Online Organizations for the Deaf: Apart from several international deaf organizations, every country in the world has Organizations that work to uplift the deaf community. Innumerable Non-Profit NGO’s work to empower the deaf worldwide. These organizations have created online solutions and websites to help the deaf in learning sign language, visual education and counseling for young deaf students and parents of deaf children. Many local and State organizations develop websites to provide the deaf community of the region with valuable information regarding local deaf clubs, deaf schools and many other resources.


  1. Online Education for the Deaf: American Sign Language has become easy to learn with several online courses. Online deaf schools have made it convenient for deaf children to learn according to their capability. Several universities provide specialized online courses for deaf students with visual aids and trained teachers. Understanding of subjects has become easier for the deaf with the help of interactive mediums available online.


  1. Deaf Online Interaction: The Internet is a global communication platform, but for the deaf, it is an important global communication medium. With the growing young deaf community, several online deaf clubs, deaf chat rooms and deaf social media websites have surfaced. Deaf matrimony and dating websites have also become very popular among the deaf community.


  1. Online Interpretation: Many professionals are beginning to provide online Sign Language Interpretation for the deaf. Many Websites on the internet provide round the clock web chat interpretation services for the deaf worldwide. These services help deaf, including businessmen and professionals, to communicate with clients and others with ease.


  1.  E-Commerce for the Deaf: Shopping online has become an ingenious part of our lifestyle, but for people with special needs, it is a boon. Books, software and equipment designed for the deaf can be purchased online through numerous portals anywhere in the world. Many deaf owned businesses have successfully created a strong cliental online, surpassing their limitations of hearing.


  1. Online Entertainment: Numerous websites on the Internet provide captioned videos and movies for the deaf to entertain themselves. Online magazines, which are especially, made for the deaf, gives them an insight of the latest deaf news and events that concern them. From toddler rhymes to lectures and speeches, all of it is available for the deaf.


The Internet Revolution has changed how people lead their lives. The Internet has opened up a door to endless possibilities in every aspect especially for the deaf community.

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