Online Support for Deaf People

Being social, in an earlier context, used to mean spending more time with friends or new people than to just sit alone at home. The term “social” has taken on a whole new meaning with the advent of social networking. Today, you can chat, share ideas and pictures with your online friends all over the world. You can even date someone or meet a person of same profession from the comfort of your home.

Online communities also have lent their hands to help the hearing impaired to connect with like-minded individuals by creating special interest groups. If you or someone in your family has a hearing impairment, you can connect to such online communities. It provides an opportunity to:

  • Find information
  • Connect with others experiencing the same medical issue

Whether you are looking for news on the latest technology, assistance, love or just want to voice your thoughts on hearing health-related difficulties, online groups for the hearing impaired can provide the opportunity.

Best Online Communities for the Deaf Community

To augment your search for online support for deaf people, here are a few reputed online communities to help you.

  • Deaf.Com – It is one of the oldest companies known for excellent internet services for the hearing impaired. The site features deaf people—where triumphs of deaf people living and departed are documented and celebrated. Deaf Chat gives the deaf community an opportunity to chat with each other while Deaf Notes leads an online discussion board for discussing provocative issues facing the deaf community.
  • AllDeaf.Com – An excellent site with a variety of options for their users. After signing up, you can read about latest topics for the hearing impaired and deaf community. Participate in a variety of deaf community chat rooms and connect with others looking for parenting and relationship advice, grasp knowledge on new technologies and respond to forum posts by other members.
  • DeafPlanet.Com – Kids who are hearing impaired or deaf will love this website as it is one of a kind that has television shows and websites in American Sign Language. Here, you can enjoy the adventures of WILMA, Kendra and Max, where the characters use sign language. Along with popular kids television shows, kids can also play 15 interactive games.

It is very important that the hearing impaired receive the same access and opportunities as hearing people. Online support is critical as it provides an access to outside world for the hearing impaired. Thus, helping them to live a higher quality of life and enjoying their life to the fullest.

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