Signing Santa Lands at Moorestown Mall

Signing-Santa-20134On Sunday, November 17, at precisely 6:30 PM, Signing Santa arrived in South Jersey at the Moorestown Mall, replete with elves, toys, gifts, yummy treats, and panting reindeer.  Santa saw many girls and boys, young and old, and talked with them in their own language of American Sign Language (ASL).  The line to visit with Santa was the longest it has ever been in the five years that Signing Santa has been coming to Moorestown. Needless to say, reports have it that Santa was beside himself with joy, as were the boys and girls patiently waited their turn with Santa.

Did you know that ASL is the 3rd most used language in the United States? And that most deaf boys and girls are born to hearing parents? That’s why it is so important that these families avail themselves of all communication methods available to them. For some that means ASL, and other it may mean a cochlear implant, or a combination of both. Signing Santa doesn’t care what the method, just as long as the boys and girls can be understood by the jolly old man, and leave with a smile on their faces, assured that their wished-for toys will be waiting under the tree come Christmas morning (provided they have been nice, not naughty).

360 Translations sponsors Signing Santa every year at the Moorestown Mall. Staff and friends of 360 Translations join Santa in welcoming all of Santa’s visitors. All 360 Translations staff at the mall, deaf or hearing, can sign fluently in ASL, making it a very happy place for deaf boys and girls to share their dreams for Christmas.

Do you want to learn how to sign “Santa Claus” in ASL? Then go here for a video of how to make the sign. Practice and then show your Deaf and Hard of Hearing friends – they will surely be impressed!

As Santa reminded all of the boys and girls, please leave treats for Santa and his reindeer before you go to bed Christmas Eve. Santa loves all cookies, and the reindeer love to munch on trail mix.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Wonderful New Year to all!

Signing Santa and His Elves

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