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360 Translations is a full-circle interpreting and translation agency. We provide a bridge that allows communication for everyone. Our goal is to offer expert interpreting to legal, medical, mental health, social services and educational institutions.  

The philosophy at 360 Translations is that meeting your interpreting needs is the least you should expect from an interpreting agency and we will strive to do this with optimal accuracy.

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Do you need a professional spoken language interpreter? Well don’t worry, 360 Translations International is here to assist you. We have hundreds of Spoken Language Interpreters. Whether you need an interpreter for Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian or more, we have an interpreter to meet your medical, legal, educational, social services or emergency needs. Call us today at 856-356-2922. 360 Translations is your premier spoken language interpreting agency. Our coordinators are standing by and ready to assist you.

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Educational interpreting services include parent-teacher meetings, graduation ceremonies, and extracurricular events. We provide services for K-12 and post-secondary classrooms.


Our medical interpreting services occur at acute care or general hospitals, home health care, hospices, and physicians offices.


360 Translations is the only sign language interpreter agency in South Jersey with 24/7 emergency services. You can rest easy knowing that we are available for your needs.

Spoken Language

Whether you have an one-time only or ongoing need, scheduling on-site Spanish interpreting is easy with 360 Translations.


The justice system requires highly-skilled and trained interpreters and translators because of the significant consequences to clients. We will provide interpreters and translators who are certified to work in legal matters.

Document Translation

We can provide document translation services for legal, medical, technical, marketing, financial, and technology.

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Client Testimonials

“[360 Translations] is our

go-to choice for sign language interpretation – fast, friendly service, and always on time.”

Frank Comstock
Guest Relations Kennedy University Hospital

“The service is always reliable and dependable. The office staff is always friendly and gets back to you in a timely manner”

Linda Flanagan

Virtua Health Patient Relations Manager

“The 360 Translations staff is always there for you. In a nutshell, their interpreting service ROCKS!”

Kimberly Tweedle

Federal Aviation Administration Office of Civil Rights

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