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We Offer Spanish Language Interpreting Services

360 Translations offers Language Interpreting to assist you in reaching a multicultural population. Our Interpreters will centralize your messaging that will provide a neutral language environment that will effectively communicate to a diverse population

Professional Team

Working with 360 Translations International ensures that your interpreting  is performed by experienced language professionals. Our language specialist are dedicated to providing you with the very highest interpreting standards in the industry.

Knowing Your Need

Interpreting vs Translating

The difference between interpreting and translation is the mode of expression. Interpreters deal with spoken language and translate orally, while translators deal with written text, transforming the source text into a comprehensible and equivalent target text.


Choosing An Interpreter For Your Needs

360 Translations provides three types of translation services to meet your needs. Knowing who to request will help you to make the right choice


  1. Escort Interpreting
  2. Simultaneous Interpreting
  3. Consecutive interpreting



What Is Your Service Request

  1. Escort interpreting (sometimes called travel interpreter or escorting interpreter) can behave almost as an assistant, helping clients to navigate while they are traveling on business trips. These interpreters may accompany clients to a single meeting or to a handful of meetings
  2. Consecutive interpreting is when a speaker pauses to allow an interpreter to repeat what has been said in the target language before continuing. Consecutive interpreting is very popular as it does not require any specialist equipment or complex planning.
  3. Simultaneous Interpretation is a process which allows people to communicate directly across language and cultural boundaries using specialized technology and professional interpreters who are trained to listen to one language while speaking simultaneously in another.

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