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Hola, my name is Daniel Swartz, and I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I now live in San Miguel de Allende with my fiancé and four dogs, Amber, Levi, Tucker, and Galleta.

I enjoy working with clay and doing ceramic sculptures. My role of CEO and Founder of 360 is to aid my extremely capable staff in their tasks, and to oversee the growth and expansion of 360. To that end, I still work for 360 as a VRI interpreter on a regular basis.


Director of Interpreting Services

Hello everyone, my name is Dori Schuster and I am originally from the Philadelphia area, but now live in New Jersey with my husband Alan, stepdaughter Sophia, daughter Zoey and dog Marley.

I love going to the beach, sporting events, and traveling. My role as Director of Interpreting Services is to facilitate and manage our relationships with our clients and staff.

I strongly believe that the key to any successful business is providing quality care and detailed customer service


Director of Operations

Hello, my name is Erica Fox. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and moved to New Jersey when I was 22. This is when I married and started my family. I have a 20 year old daughter, a 15 year old son, and a 9 year old daughter. When my son was a baby we realized he wasn’t hitting all his milestones. He was non-verbal and showing many signs of Autism.

Finally at the age of 9 my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s which today no longer exist so he is classified as being Autistic. For the 1st 2 years, my son’s vocabulary was a minimal of 5 words. It wasn’t until finally a doctor thought to put tubes in his ears to see if this would help. Well it worked! I wish that back then I would have known or been instructed to learn sign language so I could have taught my son so we could’ve communicated with each other but instead he and I were left frustrated with the language barrier.

I am excited to serve as the role of Director of Operations at 360 Translations. My goal as the Director of Operations is to establish operational function that enhances client experiences that provides easy access to our services and partners.


Staff member

Hi! My name is Gerardo. I’m from Puebla, Mexico. I live with my husband-to-be in San Miguel de Allende and our four doggies: Tucker, Levi, Galleta and Amber. I love all things tech, learning new things and spending time & communicating with my dogs. Levi says, “Woof!”

At 360, I’m in charge of marketing operations and my job is to provide the best strategic marketing solutions that benefit the company’s growth.

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